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Snowfall in Tassie today!

According to locals that haunt the Bushwalkers forum, there’s been some snowfall in SW Tasmania today.  WeatherZone has the goss.  Wow, a high of 19 degrees in some of these places.  Compared to today’s low in Brisbane, 21 degrees.  What are we getting ourselves into???


A few maps

I’m trawling Bikely, BikeMaps and other sites to find routes people have either mapped or recorded with their GPS.  Here’s what I’ve found so far…

Complete with elevation profiles!  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing!  Someone on the BNA forums told me that Tasmania’s climbs “redefine steep”.  Oh, hell.

There’s a shitload on Bikely that I’m yet to trawl through…

And so it begins.

One fellow’s journey around Tassie

With thanks to RonK from the BNA forums, here is Ron Kinang’s account of his ride around Tasmania. Is it a coincidence that someone called “RonK” referred me to something written by a guy whose first name is Ron and whose last name starts with K? I think not! 😉

I’m about halfway through this travel log. Lots of information here, exactly the sort of stuff I’m looking for! Thanks, Ron!

It’s going to be cold, isn’t it

Why did we pick Tasmania as a touring destination?

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