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Giro Tasmania routes

Day 1:  Hobart to Richmond

Day 2:  Richmond to Triabunna

Day 3:  Triabunna to Swansea

Day 4:  Swansea to Bicheno

Day 5:  Bicheno to St Helens


I’ll put some more maps together when I have time.


Brisbane-Bribie Island return trip

I was trawling through the BBTA’s web site and found a bunch of routes that have been mapped for use in Google Earth.  One of them is a 200Km route from Brisbane to Bribie Island and back, via Caboolture and Redcliffe.  It looks like a pretty doable ride and might be suitable for a long weekend.  The bonus is that much of it is familiar territory, and it’s close to home, so we don’t need to worry about getting lost.  Definitely a good introductory tour!  😀

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