Bicycle Insurance

All my bikes are insured by Velosure.  So when we got mum’s bike, it made sense to also insure it.  Many people assume their home and contents policy will adequately cover their bicycles.  I called my insurance company and was told it was only covered for theft, and only if it was within my house at the time.  Bike totalled by a hit and run?  Not covered.  Fall off your bike and trash it?  Not covered.  Stolen from a bike rack whilst you’re out?  Not covered.  Stolen from a car rack, even if locked?  Not covered.  Racing?  Definitely not covered.  Velosure tick all the boxes, and even cover the bike if taken overseas (extra premium for this option).

Understandably, Velosure want lots of details about the bike.  Its purchase value, the type of bike, the owner’s details etc.  All of this helps determine the premium.  And of course, they want the frame number.  One minor problem.  The Vivente doesn’t have a frame number!  Urgh.  I asked them the question – can they insure a bike that doesn’t have a frame number?  And the answer is yes.. all I have to do is, and I quote: “.. take a photograph of the bike with a piece of fruit on the saddle. That way we know that this is your bike, and the photo has been taken for insurance purposes.”

I swear I’m not making that up.  So, here it is.  I couldn’t decide between grapes or passionfruit, so I went with both.

Mmmmm.  Tasty.


About Max

I'm an IT nerd who spends much less time on my bike than I'd like. I'm planning a big cycle tour for when I get long service leave (2013). Until then, I keep plodding along at my job and get on my bike when I can. Did I mention I love riding my bike?

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