I’m your Venus.. I’m your fire..

I’ve been thinking some more about the tents, and about some comments Aushiker made RE storage of food and other things whilst on the road.  I’m now thinking the Venus III might be the go.  Wanting to be sure about things, I sent the following email to Exped:


I’m trying to understand the basic differences between the Orion II and the Venus II/III.  As far as I can tell, the Orion is slightly taller than the Venus II.  Aside from that, they seem kind of the same, with the Orion being a touch heavier than the Venus II.  The Venus III is obviously bigger than the other two.  Aside from size, could you outline the basic differences between them?  Can you confirm the Venus series is a 4-season tent?

I’m trying to prepare for a cycling trip in Tasmania (the cold end of Australia) and want to be sure the tent can deal with snowfall if need be.  I was just about ready to drop the coin on an Orion, when a friend pointed out to me that I might want to consider storing our food containers within the tent rather than the vestibules, which has prompted me to look at the Venus III because of the bigger internal space.  Will the Venus 3 be OK in the event of snowfall?

I know these questions are probably answered on your web page, but I’ve been trawling through the page and a bunch of others, and I think I’m having data overload.  Please help 🙂


Exped got back to me within 12 hours.  This is their response:


Thank you for your e-mail and interest in Exped.  One major difference between the two tents is the full ridge pole on the Orion, versus the partial ridge pole on the Venus.  It can be a little bit difficult to see in pictures, but the Orion’s ridge pole comes all the way to the ground in the vestibule (this accounts for most of the extra weight).  So essentially, you have a pole supported vestibule that also adds to overall strength to the tent.  This, in turn, pushes the peak height of the Orion up a bit higher than the Venus.  Both models are built for all season use (both will handle a snow load), but the extra grounded crossing pole on the Orion does give it more structural strength than the Venus.


So: Orion = slightly stronger (though if it’s blowing so hard that the Venus is blown over/away, I think we’d’ve escaped to a motel anyway), and Venus = more room.

I’m inclined to think that the Venus III will suit us better, overall.  I do love my mum, but there is such a thing as spending too much time together!  That extra little bit of room could be the difference between enjoying each others’ company and going crazy!

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I'm an IT nerd who spends much less time on my bike than I'd like. I'm planning a big cycle tour for when I get long service leave (2013). Until then, I keep plodding along at my job and get on my bike when I can. Did I mention I love riding my bike?

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