I thought camping was supposed to be cheap!

You know, cheap, as in not expensive.  Here are some prices for the tents I’ve previously mentioned.  Exped Venus II: $699.  Exped Orion II:  $799.  Exped Venus III: $899.  That’s retail, mind you.  If we go onto the interwebz, I’ve seen the Venus III for as low as $500 USD, with free shipping to Australia.  Still, that’s five hundred bucks!  And that’s just for the tent.  Sleeping mats, cooking stoves and pots etc, sleeping bags.. it all adds up.

And to compound that, here are some rates for off-peak camping if we go to caravan parks for our Brisbane-Caboolture-Bribie-Redcliffe-Brisbane loop:

Bongaree Caravan Park:  $32.50 per night
Bribie Island Caravan Park:  $29 per night
Caboolture River Caravan Park:  $27 per night
Bells Caravan Park (Redcliffe):  $Who knows, can’t find their web site
Scarborough Holiday Village:  $32 per night

Yeesh.  For those rates, we might as well stay in some fleabag motel.

I did look up national parks and the like.  If we want to camp in an approved camping place at Bribie, we can do so for around $12 or so.  But don’t expect drinkable water, toilets or showers.  It’s making the caravan park look attractive.  The fleabag motel too.

Actually, it’s making riding to Bribie and back in one day look much more appealing.  😡

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I'm an IT nerd who spends much less time on my bike than I'd like. I'm planning a big cycle tour for when I get long service leave (2013). Until then, I keep plodding along at my job and get on my bike when I can. Did I mention I love riding my bike?

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  1. I agree. I think Queensland is too big and remote and sparsely populated to cater for “fairweather campers” such as us. Tasmania and NZ on the other hand (I would imagine) would be different. I am happy to go for a one day trip each way to Bribie. More riding – less camping.

  2. I hope so. I had a quick look at the first few towns we’d be staying at in Tassie, and the rates are about the same. Perhaps I’ll start looking into B&B/motels/pubs in the vicinity. Why rough it when we don’t have to, right? 🙂

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