Things I really need to research

  • Tents:  If we’re doing a tour of Tasmania, I don’t care how much I have to pay, I want a tent that can cope with the cold and rain.  And that’s not as heavy as 14Kg of bricks (however many bricks that might happen to be).  Which, coincidentally, is how heavy my current tent is.
  • Sleeping bags:  See above.  This year’s CQ taught me one thing:  There’s cold, and then there’s fucking cold.  I don’t want to have to sleep in every single item of clothing I own in order to stay warm.
  • Lighting: 6 hours battery life on the Ayups is fine, and I don’t expect we’ll be doing much night/dark riding.  I’m more concerned about the tail lights conking out.  We might have to look into dynamo lighting, or a way to keep the AAA batteries in the rear lights charged.
  • Camping:  Better double-check there are camp sites in all the places the Giro will take us.
  • Cooking:  Will we need to?  If so, we’d better find some little stove doodads.  And cooking stuff.  And figure out how to use it all to make something edible!
  • Showers, toilets and other ablutions:  Does this really need an explanation?
  • Water and food:  This might be our biggest challenge.  We gotta figure out how to carry it, especially for those sections of the ride that have big distances between grocery stores.
  • Water.  I know I said it above, but really, it’s important.  We gotta make sure we have plenty of water or we could die.  Really.

In all honesty, the Giro Tasmania isn’t exactly roughing it.  Most towns will have some sort of camping facilities or hotel or B&B.  But I like having all my bases covered.  🙂

About Max

I'm an IT nerd who spends much less time on my bike than I'd like. I'm planning a big cycle tour for when I get long service leave (2013). Until then, I keep plodding along at my job and get on my bike when I can. Did I mention I love riding my bike?

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  1. MAN I wish we could still camp here in Oregon. Comfortably, I mean. 🙂

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